Holiday in Feldthurns- A cultural surrounding

Veldthurns Castle

Veldthurns Castle dates from the late 16th century and is one of the few, well-preserved remains of the prince bishops of Brixen. For a long time it was in the possession of the principality of Brixen until it fell into Austrian and Bavarian possession. Over the years position of “lord of the manor” kept alternating. In 1979 the then country of South Tyrol took an interest in this relic and breathed new life into it in a restoration that lasted 3 years. Nowadays Velthurns castle is a cultural monument and is open from March to November. The building also holds a lot of exhibitions and event which give it a very special character making it interesting to lovers of art and music as well as those who are interested in history.

Säben Abbey, Klausen

Another attraction in the area is perched high above the town of Klausen. Situated on the “Holy Mountain”, which is also known as Säbener Mountain is the historic Säben Abbey. This region had already been populated by the Neolithic age as the remains of a late Roman settlement has been found in the abbey’s grounds. In the past this was the starting point for Christianity in South Tyrol, as is proven by these archaeological findings.

In 1687 this castle-like building was turned into a Benedictine abbey and even to this day nuns can be found there. There are many other sights for tourists to visit on this magnificent hill such as several chapels, the Jubilee Fountain and the Holy Cross Church where you can find Bishop Ingenuin’s grave.

From Feldthurns there is a nice trail up to Säben Abbey which is one of Europe’s oldest pilgrimage destinations. The route starts at Velthurns castle and from where it goes directly to the facility by the “Keschtnweg”. During the time of “Törggele” this trail is a particular highlight of the area. After your journey you will not only be rewarded with a visit to this majestic abbey and a fantastic panoramic view but will also get to know the culinary delights of this region. Here, both body and soul are equally considered.



The small town of Klausen is at the heart of the Eisack Valley and has a special charm which enchants its visitors. Klausen offers an interesting mixture of medieval walls, historic buildings and chilled-out events in its centre. There is also a representation of local crafts and many kinds of culinary delights. Even about 100 years ago Klausen was very popular amongst artists. Albrecht Dürer was one such artist who used this picturesque town in his work “Das große Glück”. Klausen may therefore rightly call itself “Dürer Town”.

Klausen is now considered the hub of the region. It has excellent transport links for rail, bus and car and it is therefore not surprising that many hiking routes start from Klausen. Colourful mixed woodland, stunning chestnut groves and lush vineyards are all waiting those who have a thirst for adventure and go for hikes around the area. If you just want a comfortable stroll it is best advised that you take the nature walk which starts from the city centre.

Feldthurns is easy to access from Klausen being just a 10 minute bus journey away.

Stadt Brixen

Brixen has something to offer to its visitors in every season. It has a vibrant town atmosphere with lots of cultural events as well as plenty of outdoor activities around the area. In the summer you can enjoy one of the beautiful nature trails and in winter you can enjoy a rapid descent down the longest ski run in South Tyrol. If you enjoy skiing then you have probably already discovered the local Plose Mountain for yourselves. It attracts professional skiers and also offers beginner snowboarders the opportunity to learn and practice. There are many cabins where you can get refreshments to enjoy a hot drink together and maybe even start planning next summer’s trip to Brixen. There is also a variety of walks and bike rides, horseback riding and, for those with a thirst for adventure, paragliding and rafting experiences.

The approximately 20,00 inhabitants are happy to welcome anyone who wants to be surrounded by chestnut groves, pine forests, vineyards and crops in this enchanting town.

Feldthurns is easy to access from Brixen being a short 10 minute bus journey away.


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