Spring and summer in Schnauders – a holiday on the farm

The first rays of sunlight arouse your urge for activity. It can involve whatever you and your family consider the most attractive proposition. Do you want to go on a mountain bike tour, a leisurely hike with the whole family or take part in a Nordic walking session? Or would you prefer to go rock climbing? Here, in beautiful South Tyrol, you don’t have to decide; you can do all of these activities as and when you want.

Refuge Brugger Schupfe

If you want to appreciate the Dolomites in all their splendour it is best advised to go to Brugger Schupfe which lies 2000m above sea level. You can travel from Feldthurns up to Schnauders by road. From there it is a traverse with a few short steep sections. The ultimate goal is the Garner Wetterkreuz. From the nearby car park it’s a short winding path with a few short steep sections and then you’ve already reached the Brugger Schupfe on the Kühbergalm. The panoramic view from the terrace could be considered world class. And so you’ve seen dolomites which you have never previously seen. Also, this route is best explored by mountain bike.

Refuge Radlsee and Königsanger (walking)

This route also rewards walkers with a wonderful panoramic view of the dolomites. From Feldthurns you can access the car park at Garner Wetterkreuz, which is at an altitude of about 1410m, by car. Simply follow the signs for route 10 to Garner Mountain. From there continue travelling along the “Munschegg-Path” on to route 8 and then you will have reached the top of Königsanger at 2230m. From Königsanger travel along route 7 to Radlseehütte which is at 2284m. The return journey is a little bit different. Take route 8 or 10 away from the Radlsee and back down the trail you used for the ascent, past the snack-bar at Brugger Schupfe at about 2000m. Soon enough you will be back at the starting point of Garner Wetterkreuz.


Walking to the Feldthurns and Latzfons (neighbouring) Alpine Pastures

The starting point for hikes to the Latzfons and Feldthurns alpine meadows is in Kühhof/Latzfons. It is a route of medium difficulty that takes you up to 1570m altitude. The entire route will take about 4 hours taking into consideration stopping at the Klausner lodge and the Brugger Schupfe for a short breather. The beautiful view over the dolomites will make you completely forget about any stress or worries.

Walking to refuge Latzfonser Kreuz (the most elevated place of pilgrimage in Europe)

The refuge of Latzfonser Kreuz is the most elevated place of pilgrimage in the whole of Europe or, more precisely, in the eastern Sarntaler Alps. About 45 guests can occupy the 9 rooms of this refuge. Next to a separate rustic dormitory guests can look forward to fresh food from South Tyrol such as home-made bread and cakes. All this is made possible by your hosts, the Lunger family.

Highlights of Latzfonser Kreuz are the small pilgrim’s church, the surrounding stone-pine forest and the “Black God”; a crucifix which is supposed to protect from storms and in spring and autumn is solemnly carried in a procession from Latzfons. The refuge at Latzfonser Kreuz is open to guests from the start of June to the end of October.

Hiking to the Lakes Schrüttenseen (this is also possible from the Feldthurner alpine fields)

A hike to the Lakes Schrüttenseen normally begins in the Shalderertal valley at 1450m but a route from the Feldthurner alpine meadow is also possible. The Valley Schaldertal stretches to the middle of the Sarntaler Alps and has the character of a completely untouched mountain landscape. Lush stone-pine forests and alpine pastures characterise a hike to the Schrüttenseen. A lack of shelter and no other “unnatural” influences are waiting for you here. Please note that this is generally considered to be a demanding route however, it is not seen as technically challenging.



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