Winter Holidays on the farm in Feldthurns


Far away from the rapid ski descents and lively toboggan runs there is another, much quieter side of this wintery scenery to enjoy; snowshoeing is the magic word. Equipped with snow shoes and hiking poles get yourself on one of the many trails to an unforgettable experience in the beautiful winter of the South Tyrolean mountains. As your body gets more and more tired your mind feels more and more relaxed. Your mind is in harmony with nature and comfortable and relaxed as you wander into the winter sun. Snowshoeing is suitable for both young and old and provide a healthy mount of exercise and furthermore allows you to take in as much of the surroundings as possible.

Refuge Brugger Schupfe
Do you want to go snowshoeing without distinct steep inclines but still in great surroundings? That is also available in our area. Go from the forest path (route 1) over sun-soaked slopes to Brugger Schupfe. Keep to the wooded path until you reach an area of mountain pastures. The view over the mountains of the Geisler range as well as the dolomites will inspire you. The way back is over 14B past Brugger Schupfe and then further onto the 14 back to the Kühhof car park.

Mountain Königsanger
Whoever isn’t wary of a medium difficulty 4 hour walk should carefully consider the route from Kühhof to Königsanger. Above Latzfons, from the starting point of Kühhof and then you’re off. First, follow the forest path until you hit a steeper forest road to Wetterkreuz. You’ll reach the alpine meadows within 45 minutes. Over steep areas and largely unmarked routes, head in a mostly north easterly direction to the destination of Königsanger Mountain at 2436m. The hike/ski tour is also possible from Garn (1411m).



While the Feldthurn and Latzfons alpine meadows attract visitors with their colourful flowers, they’re also impressive in winter with beautiful snowy scenery. A particular highlight of this region is the selection of toboggan runs which don’t just set children’s hearts racing. Treat yourself and your family to this great winter fun adding tobogganing in through the snow into the equation.

Refuge Brugger Schupfe
Have you and your fellow travellers brought a lust for tobogganing with you? Then make your way to the Brugger Schupfe toboggan run (4.2km). This takes you to Garner Wetterkreuz. From there it is 1 hour 45 minutes along the forest path. Ascend to Brugger Schupfe. You will be well rewarded for your efforts as the fast descent is fun for both young and old. If conditions allow you can toboggan from Brugger Schupfe to Schnauders, Please take in to account that from there it is about an hour’s walk to the car park at Garn.

Kaseregg toboggan run (Latzfons)
The toboggan run at Kaseregg is a typically family one. From Öberst farm it is about 1 hour’s climb. Enjoy this easy to challenging run with your children. Who will be the first to the bottom?

Lahnwiesen Natural toboggan run
This toboggan run promises you a high speed (tobogganing) experience. The Lahnwiesen natural toboggan run runs to the Latzfonser alpine meadow and takes about an hour to reach on foot from Steinebem. At 1.8km you and your companions travel at your own risk.

Ski tours

Mountain Lorenzen
Starting from Steineben at 1549m this medium difficulty tour of 4.5km takes you up an ascent of 934m to your final destination of Lorenzispiste (2483m). In the Steineben snack bar you can (from Friday to Sunday) you can give yourself a well-earned rest and look out over the glittering winter scenery.

Mountain Kassian
Your tour to Kassianspitze at 2581m starts from Steineben (1549m) Altogether this difficult route is about 6km and requires you to be in good condition. Between Friday and Sunday you can have a short rest at snack bar at Steineben.

Mountain Plankenhorn
This medium difficulty tour starts in Steineben at 1549m and takes you on an ascent of 993m to your destination of Plankenhorn at 2543m. If you’re travelling on Friday, Saturday or Sunday stop off at the snack bar at Steinebem to refuel your energy.

Refuge Brugger Schupfe
A pleasant ski tour without any pronounced steep sections which leads to Bruggeschupfe. Sun-drenched slopes and a breath-taking view over the white alpine meadows are waiting for you here. Enjoy the panoramic view over the mountains of the Geisler range as well as the dolomites.


Both beginners and experienced skiers come to the South Tyrolean Mountains at their own expense. One factor which attracts visitors is the well looked after ski runs and another is the amazing, glistening wintery views over the whole of the area. During your “trip on the boards” you will certainly think back a long way… Do you hear the ice crystals crunching under your skis? Do you feel the wind blowing against your face? Welcome to the skiers paradise of South Tyrol.

Maders ski lift in Schnauders
The Maders chairlift dates back to 1979 and spans over 395m in length. About 720 skiers use the lift per hour to get up onto the piste. It is also conveniently located right outside our front door.

Plose ski lift
Feldthurns is only 25 minutes by car from the skiing area of Brixen and Plose. Here, there are 9 ski lifts and a ski run length of 10.5km at your disposal.

Dolomites Ski Safari
From the 26th of December to the 28th of March there is a daily bus from Monday to Saturday to another skiing area. Leave your car and make use of the one-off “skiing safari” which is available. The bus takes you directly from ours to Plose, Gröden, Seiser alpine meadow and Sellaronda! You can find more information here.

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